The Changing Face Of Food

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The Changing Face of Food in the U.S. Food culture in the United States is consistently changing and accumulating new traditions all the time. It is quite challenging to define American food with its own single dish, since America is pretty much the melting pot of various cultures. In New York State, but more specifically New York City is a place where people can explore the diversity of food and its cultures from all over the world. Big Businesses on American Agriculture Big businesses have a major influence towards American agriculture. Large capital investments have contributed to the success of American agriculture. Monsanto is the world’s leading agricultural biotechnology company that has used fundamentally changed the way many…show more content…
According to the organic consumers association, Monsanto employees and the government regulatory agency are the same people. Those who have been a part of the government have sooner or later become employees at Monsanto and administer the legal requirements that farmers must follow when producing organic foods. The National Organic Program develops rules and regulations for the production of organic goods from crops to livestock. They are a part of there United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The USDA certifies organic crops with a thorough complex system that includes proper labeling, enforcement, handling, processing, what the livestock is fed and much more after harvesting the products. An heirloom food is a plant or animal that was generally grown during early times in human history but not used as mass production in agriculture. Some farmers will grow exotic foods not native to their area and will only harvest a limited amount. Some farmers have stopped producing heirloom foods because they tend to look imperfect and unwanted to a buyers eye. GMO seeds produce foods that look acceptable. Also when growing heirloom foods, the farmer is not sure how it will perform for the year. There is no guarantee if there will be enough produce to sell to their customers. However, heirloom foods are now making a comeback because of the quality,
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