The Changing Face of Children's Literature

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Children’s literature is always changing. It has evolved greatly over the generations. Children did not have their own stories in ancient times. Instead, they listened to oral storytellers who would recite stories I tended for adults to hear. Over time it became apparent that children needed there own stories. Moral stories and educational writing started to be written with children in mind. As printed books for children became more accessible, stories started to focus on entertaining children as well as educating them.

Today, children’s literature has stories that are focused on children and offer real life views and vivid fantasy alike. Children’s literature has progressed from simply oral folktales to the child focused stories we see today. All literature started with storytelling. Our ancestors told stories for comfort, instruction, entertainment and to teach their culture and religion. Storytelling has been a huge part of cultures all around the world. In ancient times, there was no difference between children's literature and adult literature. Children listened to the same stories that their parents listened to.

Defining what children’s literature is seems like an easy task at first. However, it is really not as simple as it sounds. What is literature for children? If a book is written with children in mind is it still considered a children's book if adults read it? Likewise, is a book intended for adults still and adult's book of it is read and enjoyed by
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