The Changing Faces Of Violence

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The Changing Faces of Violence Towan Cook Georgia Gwinnett College In essence, violence is the act of causing some degree of harm to your own body, property, or another form of life. Like many words in the English language, there is several definitions for one word. Likewise, violence has several definitions that depend on the perspective in which the word violence is being viewed. When looking at every aspect of violence, there are many events that at first would not be considered violent, but in actuality are very violence for instance, sports. Everyday somewhere around the world, men and women are paid to fight each other until a knock out or decision is ruled. Violence also is seen on news stations, video games,…show more content…
One reason why there are so many definitions for violence is because there are so many ways to harm people. According to Violence: The Enduring Problem violence also consist of protecting yourself from harm such as, using a firearm to defend your family from an attack (Alvarez, 2007). Likewise, harm can be transferred to another through physical contact, voice, and other physical actions. In the United States the definition of violence has changed drastically over time. For example, it was not long ago that in the state of Georgia a woman could have been raped by her husband. When challenged in court, the Supreme Court of Georgia held that if a women agrees to get married to a man then she thereby, agrees to always give consent to intercourse (Warren v. State, 1985). Therefore in the state of Georgia during this time, women could be “raped” by her husband. According to the law neither crime nor violent act has been committed; however, the woman who was raped probably would say otherwise, stating that she was forced to have sexual intercourse against her will, which would constitute as being a violent act. Another type of violence that has been shown to have very negative results on ones psyche is verbal abuse (Gadit, 2011). The article titled, “Verbal Abuse: Does it lead to Mental Disorder?” illustrates that children who are repeatedly exposed to verbal abuse often grow up with insecurities, low
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