The Changing Fashion Trends Of Fashion

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The changing fashion trends

The fashion industry is in a constant state of flux. What is in vogue today can easily become stale tomorrow. From the moment that one collection is launched, the fashion designers start thinking about the next line. The major fashion weeks like Paris fashion week or Milan fashion week determines the fashion trends of a particular season. Once the fashion weeks come to an end, stores all over the world start launching collections that are inspired by them.
What is trendy this summer will definitely not be trendy next summer. Fashion industry has two primary phases according to the natural seasons. Thus we have the spring collections and fall collections. The trends are set according to the requirements of the season. If tubes are trendy in the summer, trench coats are recommended for the fall season.
Likewise, skinny had been the hot trend last summer, but this year the trend is about casual loose clothes. One saw an abundance of skinny dresses, tops and pants the year before will find loose clothes like maxis and culottes dominating the shelves this spring. The spring line has been launched a few months ago only yet people are fashion experts are already predicting the vogue of next year.
Here are some of the trends that are going to rule the ramps next season.
Raw coast:
Raw coast sees a remarkable shift to minimalism in fashion. Long ago fashion designers had ditched the opulent for the basic and minimalistic. Raw coast will take this
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