The Changing Image of Australian Nursing"(Bloomfield, J)

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The Changing Image of Australian Nursing"(Bloomfield,J) 1. What period of Nursing is often referred to as "the Dark Age of Nursing"? Briefly explain your answer. (3 marks) 2. What was Osburn's most significant achievement? (2 marks) 3. Why was "Living in" considered to be an essential component of nurse training? (2 marks) 4. How many hours did a trainee work in the 1950/1960's ? (2 marks) 5. What happened in 1985 which altered conditions for nurses? (2 marks) 6. When did the move towards college-based nurse education occur? Briefly explain why? (3 marks) 7. Where do you see the future of nursing and what roles will Enrolled Nurses have? (6 marks) -------------------------------------------------…show more content…
The training period was two years and increased to three years in 1903. Each hospital conducted its own nursing examinations. The first external formal nursing examinations were held in 1906 under the auspices of the Australasian Trained Nurses’ Association. The Crown Street Women’s Hospital opened in 1893. As part of its aim to raise standards of maternity care the Women’s Hospital provided instruction to women who had previously acted as midwives without any medical certification. The first Baby Health Centre was opened at Alexandria in Sydney in 1914. A Baby Clinics, pre-maternity and Home Nursing Board was established in July 1914. This was a non-statutory body which appeared to oversee the Baby Health Clinics. The Nurses Registration Act (No. 37 1924) hailed the commencement of government regulation of the profession in New South Wales. Under this act the Nurses Registration Board was responsible for the administration of registration examinations,the regulation of registration certificates and the maintenance of registers of qualified nurses. Since its inception in 1924 the size of the Nurses Registration Board has increased and its composition has changed in favour of more nursing members. It's functions have also expanded under the Nurses Act (No.9 1991) to include the promotion and maintenance ofprofessional standards of nursing practice in

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