The Changing Landscape Of The United States

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The changing landscape of the United States means that as social workers entering the profession we need to learn to work with increasingly diverse populations. Knowing this, it is important that as social workers we are aware of how the unique aspects an individual’s culture and identity play in the way they view mental health. Increasing awareness of the interactions between future clients and their place within society is of equal importance in addressing the needs of the client. As social workers, it is necessary that when interviewing clients questions are carefully selected to elicit culturally relevant information while maintaining cultural sensitivity. The interview was conducted with a Latina woman who appeared to be suffering…show more content…
The client repeated multiple times that she just wanted to stop and lay down. She felt she was unable to even do things like cook for her family, which was an activity that normally brought her joy. The client also is expected to care for both her elderly parents who have numerous medical needs that require doctor visits. It appears that the client feels obligated to provide assistance for her parents given their age and medical needs. She views her lack of motivation, sadness and stress as hindrances in being able to properly perform her roles as a daughter, mother and wife. The deviation from normal behavior and expectations within the client’s culture are viewed negatively, which is further exacerbating the client’s current stress levels. Throughout the entire interview the main stressor was concern about police involvement and deportation. During the interview the client made multiple comments about her concerns surrounding police involvement because of this dispute with her cousin. The client revealed that she was undocumented and by involving the police, her cousin had broken her trust. The client believed that placing family and family unity above all else were paramount. Once the police were involved this raised the client’s stress because she was now fearful of being deported. Her identity as an undocumented immigrant meant that any infraction could potentially result in her deportation.
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