The Changing Nature Of Organisations

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Assessment 1 - Identifying Organisational Change
This report investigates the changing nature of organisations, the impact organisational culture has on projects, as well as the management of multiple diverse stakeholders. The discussion explores frameworks and methodologies and how it can be used effectively within corporations to minimize disruption and gain maximum acceptance from key decision makers. This is achieved by examining the requirements for delivering a successful project and taking a closer look at the impact of culture within the enterprise. The argument is extended to include the implications on stakeholders and project team management that results from these changes.

Table of Contents
Abstract 2
Introduction 3
Figure 1. System Dynamics related to Certainty and Agreement (Parsons, B 2010) 3
Manage Organisational Change 4
Figure 2. Organisation Change Maturity Levels (Perkins, C 2012) 5
Keys to Project Success 5
Figure 3. The three pillars of project success (Bourne, L 2007) 5
Figure 4. Stakeholder identification and management 6
Figure 5. Stakeholder Prioritisation Qaudrant (Beise, S 2012) 6
Figure 6. Output example of the Stakeholder Circle tool (Bourne, L 2007) 7
Declare the “New Normal” 8
Figure 7. The Future as a Declaration (Beise, S 2012) 8
Deployment of Service Desk SaaS Solution 8
Conclusion 9
Reference List 9

The purpose of this report is to identify organisational change and its impact on key decision makers within the
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