The Changing Patterns Of Education And Youth Labor Market

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There are countless reasons that help to explain the growing number of people delaying marriage. Between 1976 and 2011the median age of first marriage increased by six years for men and seven years for women, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. “There is little doubt that the experiences of young people making the transition into adulthood are quite different now than they were 20 years ago. Many of these changes are direct results of labor-market restructuring, workplace reorganizations, and changing educational demand” (Lehmann 2004, 380). The changing patterns of education and youth labor market also accounts for this increase. Changes to the economy and the skills necessary to enter the labor force have changed not only the patterns of education but also the trajectories of young adults during and after education. This transition is increasingly difficult to navigate and denotes the greater evolution of society. Dwyer and Wyn (2001) suggest that, “As young people responded to these changing social conditions, new patterns of ‘transition’ and new relationships between education and the labour market for young people emerged (Stokes and Wyn 2007, 496). Over the last three decades, extensive technological advances have called for an increasingly educated population. The manufacturing industry that sprung from industrial era introduced new systems in commerce, manufacturing, and other industries, which placed great importance on efficiency, consumption and
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