The Changing Role Of Media And The Value Of Amazon

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1. Introduction UK based alternative gift shop, “That’s Bizarre” currently operates from two premises within Essex located at Southend-on-Sea and Leigh-on-Sea, United Kingdom. That’s Bizarre caters for a local market providing seasonal and personalised gifts, party decorations, fun gadgets, cheeky gifts and all things bizarre. That’s Bizarre offers a personalised service promoting its products and services through its shop fronts. Services are extended through the website, offering customers the choice of local deliveries, pickups and choices of offline payment methods which retains the feel of a local business (THAT 'S BIZARRE 2014). ¬ 2. The Changing Role of Media and the Value of Amazon Established in 1994 Amazon is an International electronic commerce company and one of the world’s largest online retailers. Amazon started as an online bookstore platform but soon developed and now specialises in a wide variety of product categories but not limited to music, DVD’s, electronic products, furniture, food, toys and jewellery for example (, 2014). Communications is an important part to any organisation to inform the consumer of the brand and or product available. Over recent years the media environment has become diverse due to media fragmentation which has changed the style of communications online and offline, expanding the media channels available to convey the desired message. Due to this fragmentation this has not only changed the

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