Turning Points In 19th Century

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Humankind was far away from environmental pollution from centuries ago, they were depending on plant, fruits, and meats from animals to feed themselves. The environment provides woods from trees and caves as a shelter for people and also they were cover their bodies from dead animals’ leather. Years passed and changes have been made according to human mind who was the key of innovate technologies in various fields, agricultural, commercial, residential, industrial and etc. According to the industrial revolution that many inventions and discoveries have been made, the world has become a turning point in 19th century. As a result, environmental pollutions began.
Environment is a medium which human being live, it comprises of air, water, plants, animals around us, and much more. In addition, it is the sum of natural and anthropogenic parameters and elements that
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Furthermore, there are many types of pollution; Air pollution is the change of atmospheric chemistry by chemical interference. Water pollution is the change of the quality of water when pollutants are directly or in directly distributed into water. Soil pollution, is the high concentration of toxic chemicals in soil. Thermal pollution is the change of water temperature that affects the aquatic. Light pollution, inappropriate use of artificial light. Noise pollution is the disturbing noise that affects the activity of human and animal life. Visual pollution, for instance telecommunication and electric wires and poles, signboards, garbage heaps and landfills and barren lands and deforestation. And the Radioactive pollution: the emissions of radiations substances to the environment from human
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