The Changing Role of Women in Society

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Changing Role of Women in Society

How was the status of woman and their rights represented in western society in the 1600 to early 20th century?

For centuries, woman and their rights have been oppressed by the dominance of man. There has been continued struggle for the recognition of woman’s cultural roles and achievements, and for their social and political rights. It was very much a patriarchal society for woman, which hindered or prevented woman from realizing their productive and creative possibilities.

These ideas where seen in the play Merchant of Venice written by William Shakespeare in c. 1598 when Portia and Nerissa have to dress up as men so that they can enter the court room to help Antonio because woman are not allowed to
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They have repeatedly been deprived of the inalienable right to vote, receive an adequate education, and to have the chance to develop to their fullest human potential. I believe that the view society has on woman is almost a bit of a paradox. My reasoning for this is that because society believes women are less intelligent than men, and therefore are not capable of being involved in jobs the rest of society does, they tell woman that they are not allowed to receive a proper education like the rest of society. This means that regardless of the natural intelligence of a woman, they will never reach the same level of intelligence as men because they are not being allowed an adequate education so that they can develop to their full human potential. I believe that the events that occurred in the 18th century were pivotal in the future direction modern feminist groups would take. Though the events that took place in the 1800s was the first hint of change we saw, it took another century and a huge worldwide event, World War 2, to really get the ball rolling in terms of feminist lobbying and creating real long-term change. In my opinion, the reason women and their rights in western society had practically no significant change for majority of the

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