Essay on The Changing Role of Women in Thai Society

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For half past centuries, women in various cultures, including Thai, suffered from being treated unfairly and unequally. Their role and position were subservient and controlled by their fathers, brothers and husbands. They could not make any important decisions or even run the families equally. Society was convinced that women were not capable of performing any work outside of home. Thus, they were not allowed or expect to do anything except performing day-to-day tasks such as taking care of their children, preparing food for their husbands and family members and washing clothes. Nowadays, the status and role of Thai women has constantly changed. The modern day Thai women now have played more important role in society. This changing role…show more content…
In additional, most of Thai women choose to go to work outside whether it is part-time or full-time job as same as men instead of staying at home. In some families, both men and women are working. Men are not only doing their work but they also help doing the fair share of the housework. Furthermore, Thai women have now played more significant role as income-earners and financial supporter for their families. For instance, in many Thai two-income homes, women can earn money as much as men. According to Beijin, “as women’s employment and educational opportunities increased in the community, women have equal right of men at home because they have own revenue and then their sense of independence and freedom are increasingly more.” Even though many Thai women go to work outside of home, they do not neglect their expected duties of taking care of their families and doing household chores. The second type of changes in women’s role in Thai society is political participation. Thai women in modern day are now more visible in politics. When Thailand passed the first constitution in 1933, it granted men and women equal rights to vote. Thai women have more right to vote, stand for the election and work in the government as a cabinet, senator or minister. According to the United Nation Development Fund for Women, the number of Thai women in the parliament has

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