The Changing Role of the Nurse

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The focus is the on the changing role of the nurse and why this has happened You have to chose an example from your own practice to describe and explain its relevance to practice boundaries between doctor and nurses , EXAMPLE BLOOD TAKING, SET IV BRANULLA You need to utilise relevant theories and concepts from the module, reference your work and include Malaysia code of conduct.You have to summarise the main issues and consider implications that the changing role has for your role, the profession and also impact on patients. The essay is not about the boundary violation between the nurse and client Evidence Based Practice Ethical theories Boundary roles in the UK- you can use UK examples but MUST apply to Malaysia. Set the scene, role and practice area, define any key terms such as boundary Identify an example from practice- justifying clearly it's relevance to boundaries and professional roles and describe the example. Apply the concepts and theories relevant that you have been introduced to within the module- you need to explain what they are and how they can be applied , i.e connate theory, Implications Boundaries between nurse and doctor have become reinforced in the last decades for a variety of reasons. All may be reducible to historical factors that caused the focus of attention to swerve from nurse-doctor relationship where nurse had to formerly rely on the doctor for guidance and where nursing center around doctor to nurse-patient focus where it is patient and
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