The Changing Role of the Us News Media Essay

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The Changing Role of the U.S. News Media The internet is our modern source for news media; the importance of the newspaper has not only declined, it is in a sense, obsolete. We now turn to the internet for opinions, news, and entertainment. Even though the way in which we consume information (PBS) has changed, the importance of an unrestricted and watchful media has not changed. (Magleby, Light, & Nemacheck, 2010) The Framers of our constitution were well aware of the importance of the press as a judge to discuss the implications and review the actions of politicians and the government. Although the Bill of Rights guaranteed the freedom of the press, in the beginning adequate funding was only provided by wealthy politicians. The press was…show more content…
While the intention of producing “Yellow Journalism” was to sell more papers through sensationalized headlines (PBS); In “Objective Journalism”; wire services, Associated Press, and Reuters, sought to provide readers with unbiased news in order to attract more customers. Journalism was introduced as a profession; Journalists formed professional associations and codes of ethics, one example is the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ). The impact of broadcasting was tremendous, instant coverage became a norm, people could follow faraway events without traveling, and politicians could finally deliver their message to listeners without interference. The nationalization of radio and television provided a more personalized view of the news, where everyday people could grow attached to newscasters. News coverage greatly expanded in the increments by which it was available to be watched. In the beginning the two largest networks CBS and NBC had their evening news programs run from 15 to 30 minutes; today, many local news stations run 90 minutes in the morning and half-hour in the morning and at noon. Eventually round-the-clock news coverage was introduced by Cable television. C-SPAN began to provide uninterrupted coverage of congressional deliberations and presidential nominating conventions. The older a person is, the more time they spend

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