The Changing Workforce Is One of the Emerging Trends in Organizational Behavior. Describe How the Workforce Is Changing and Briefly Identify Two Consequences of These Changes for Organizations.

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The basic of organizational behavior (OB) is how individual behave in an organization related to its work settings (McShane, Olekalns and Travaglione, 2013). In a shifting business environment, managing of workforce has been of huge concerned and OB has offered contributions in managing workforce over the years. Globally workforce is changing rapidly for reasons such as the labour force is growing older, workforce are becoming diverse, changers in workers attitudes and labour shortages (Weick and Quinn, 1999).
As stated above one of the main causes of the changing workforce is the ageing population. As baby boomers are getting older and starting to retire, it is important that employers understand the needs and motivation of the younger
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In other words shortage of skilled labour will force employers to recruit retired older generation to fill the gap.
From an organizational point of view, there are advantages and consequences in recruiting older workers. Firstly if the organization is offering a health care scheme to its employees, the cost would be excessively higher for an older worker since they would have superiority than the younger worker. The older worker would want higher wages and longer vacations and will takes longer to recover from illness. Organizations need to offer training or reeducate the older worker in using new machinery or new technologies which were not present in the past. Thus offering such training will cost a lot to the organization in terms of money, time and productivity. On the other hand, they will be less prone to errors and reduced accident at work. Older workers will be more likely to stick to the organization and less likely to leave (Claes and Van de Ven, 2008). Additionally, some employers have to hire unskilled workers at first and develop them rather than hiring experienced worker. Employers may even need to hire