Essay about The Changing of American Families

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The Changing of American Families
Television reflects how American families are viewed. Leave it to Beaver and
The Brady Bunch were the ideal families in the 1960's and 1970's, and in the 80's, it was Family Ties. When the 1990's approached us, television shows took on a whole new outlook on American Families. There were shows such as Full House, which was about a single father raising three daughters with the help of his brother-in-law and his best friend. Roseanne was also another show that showed the "dysfunctional" side of families. American Families keep changing, and they will continue to change in our future.
Topics such as the changes in family logistics are important to be informed about in this day and age. Therefore,
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More and more women were pushed into the work force. "The 1960's and 1970's became an era of diversity and identity politics as a host of "others" sought recognition and liberation from the constraints of discriminatory laws, social policies, and negative stereotypes" (Erera 354). As more women were entering the work force, they were becoming financially independent and were able to live on their own. This led to many women who were unhappy in their marriage to divorce their husbands and raise their children on their own. As more and more women became financially independent, the more appealing single life became to them. Soon women all over were adopting and fostering children, and many also decided to give birth while still remaining single. "With the increasing numbers and visibility of single-parent, step, and adoptive families, the gay liberation movement opened the way for the emergence of gay and lesbian families" (Erera 355). Gay and lesbian families were starting to become more common as the seventies had passed.
The eighties and nineties were a time when everyone was arguing over what a family really was. Erera states "Voices on the right blames changes in the family for a wide range of social problems, while voices on the left look to the family to provide the basis for a more communitarian society" (Erera 356). People were starting to blame the increase of family diversity to almost anything they could. From
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