The Character Loki 's Personality Disorder

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The character Loki has his genesis in Norse mythology alongside the entire ‘magical’ cast of Thor. Obviously the writers of the comics, and then the writers of the movies, took liberties with the character to make him, and his companions, more interesting for the modern audience. They have taken a trickster and made him an all out villain and a pretty decent one too. So it is unsurprising, when one evaluates Loki’s actions, that the villain Loki would have a personality disorder. While Loki of Asgard does not suffer from the same psychological affliction his enemy does, he does suffer from an illness that affects everyone around him. While Tony Stark’s personality disorder leads to him to become a “hero”, Loki’s personality disorder leads him to become the antagonist of Thor and The Avengers. As an antagonist in a super hero movie, he is likely to be labeled as a ‘psychopath’, but there is a more correct word for what his condition. Antisocial Personality Disorder is a condition that has symptoms that are what we look for in a villain and those that we, the general public, call psychopathic. If you take away the fact that he uses magic, his rampage of death on a small Earth town just to kill his own brother and his attempted genocide of Yodenheim just because he is adopted from there are all killings that people, especially paranoid people, attribute to psychopathic killers. However, Loki’s killings are not fueled out of blood thirst, but from the ambition to be king of
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