The Character Of Don Giovanni

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Don Giovanni is the protagonist of one of the most famous Mozart's operas. Mozart’s protagonist is based of the Spanish tale’s character named Don Juan, a famous womanizer. According to Cambridge Dictionary, a hero is defined as “a person admire for bravery, great achievements, or good qualities,”[1] it can be said that Don Giovanni is brave, at his standards has some great achievements, and has some good qualities such as fearlessness, courage, and firm to his beliefs. One of the main reasons why some people label Don Giovanni as a villain is because at the beginning of the opera Donna Anna claims that Giovanni has raped her and then calls him a murder when he kills her father. When taken a closer look at those specific scenes, such claims are less credible. Instead of being afraid like a usual rape victim, she seems furious. The claim of rape gets even more questionable when Donna Anna’s first recrimination is ‘betrayer,’ instead of rapist. It gives the impression that she appears to be angry at the fact that he is leaving her. Describing Don Giovanni as a murder also seems to be inaccurate. It has to be clarified that killing someone in a duel is not a murder. Donna’s father was the one who challenged Don Giovanni. He clearly knew that the only outcome was for one of them to die, and that there was a chance that it could be him. It is also important to take into account that Giovanni repeatedly refused to fight. Music helps to describe the characters, “Every character stands out in the musical picture.”[3] It can be an indication of how he is portrayed as a hero. Mozart shows Don Giovanni as courageous, strong and confident. When analyzing music, it can notice that Giovanni gets great music. “Mozart provides Don Giovanni with an aria that explicitly embraces his philosophy of enjoying life: the famous champagne aria, "Finch' han dal vino."”[2] This music is presented as full of life and celebration which means that Don is shown as the force of life. It can be also be deduced who Don is by contrasting his character with other’s. “Mozart also tells us who Don Giovanni is by telling us who he is not.”[3] Leporello is depicted as a character who is a whiner, coward, and a follower. In one of the final
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