The Character Traits of Chris McCandless

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Christopher McCandless is seen by many individuals as an inspiration, an inspiration to not be afraid. “Chris was fearless even when he was little.”(Walt McCandless) Chris’s father made a comment about how he believed Chris was fearless, Chris was a fearless individual even was he was just a young boy, he showed how he was fearless and brave, his strong character was acknowledged as a young age by his father and his family. How many people have packed up a few of their belongings and just took a journey into the wild? Chris did and he took nothing along just what he could carry on his back, he proved to many individuals that all you really need is yourself to get you through the tough situations that you will encounter along they way.…show more content…
A selfish person would not share the marvelous adventures he had; a selfish person would keep those outstanding memories to himself. People would hear his story and felt amazed by the story he would tell, they would offer him money so he would reach his next destination. When Chris did take something from these people who offer he would try to repay them any way that he would. He was able to repay the people with object because Chris did not have anything to offer back to them but his memories and stores of his adventure to the Alaska terrier. He shared inspiration, adventure, in a way when Chris would tell his stories to the people he met along the way it was as if they were living through his adventures. The adventures that Chris had lived when he would tell them he would say them with a sense of life, his audience lived through his stories. Wayne Westerberg and Christopher McCandless met in Cartage, South Dakota with the population of 274. Wayne Westerberg had a great impact in Chris, Wayne and Chris met when Chris was looking for a job, Wayne provided Chris with a job but not only did he provide him with a job but also food and shelter. Chris worked for Wayne for a couple of weeks after that Chris sent out to return to his journey; Chris told Wayne that he would return. Wayne not knowing that it would be so soon, Chris returned to Cartage, South Dakota two weeks later to work for Wayne. Wayne
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