The Character Type Of The Dead Or Dying

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In Poe’s prose, we find the maiden figure in the character of Mademoiselle L’Espanaye in “The Murders in the Rue Morgue”, Mademoiselle L’Espanaye lives with her mother and is not described as having a relationship with a male of any kind, and therefore is in need of care and guidance. In fact, in this tale, daughter Mademoiselle Camille L’Espanaye, is identified only by her helpless shriek and deformed corpse. In another tale, the female character “Eleonora” is once again a young, beautiful maiden: “The loveliness of Eleonora was that of the Seraphim; but she was a maiden artless and innocent as the brief life she had led among the flowers”( ). Poe is known for his character type of the dead or dying maiden and this character type can…show more content…
The woman is identified as a mother figure, protecting and loving the poetic “I”. In another poem, “To My Mother”, written in honor of his aunt, mother-in-law, Maria Clemm, the woman is again characterized as a maternal figure whose main purpose it is to care and aid. She is identified as “You who are more than mother unto me” (Poe 89) and is said to be “dearer than the mother I knew” (89). "To Helen" is the first of two poems to carry that name written by Edgar Allan Poe. This poem was written in honor of Jane Stanard, the mother of a childhood friend, Rob, whom he met when he was 14-years-old. Even though Poe began idolizing Jane and his affections are somewhat complicated, “To Helen” can still be categorized as a maternal figure. Poe wrote the poem “To Helen” shortly after J. Stanard died and aspired to thank her for being a second mother to him. He gave her the name of Helen, referring to the Classical figure of Helen of Troy, and thus giving Jane great praise for her beauty. Poe mentions her “hyacinth hair” and her “classic face” Furthermore, in the last stanza, he compares her figure to a statue: “How statue-like I see thee stand, / The agade lamp within thy hand!” He also uses the image of a statue, comparing her to a perfectly crafted work of art. “To M. L. S——” Is a poem Poe wrote to Marie Louise Shew. It is a poem to show his deep gratitude towards Marie, for caring for
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