The Character of Claudio in William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

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The Character of Claudio in William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

"Much Ado about Nothing" is not unlike other Shakespearean comedies. These stories usually deal with the main idea of young people who are in love with each other. They encounter difficulties which they have to deal with so that they can both live together, happily ever after. In "Much Ado about Nothing", Claudio and Hero are the young characters in the play, who along with other characters struggle through their difficulties to make their lives better. Claudio, the main figure in "Much Ado about Nothing" is more of a romantic hero in the play. He, like other heroes in Shakespearian comedies, has a fault in his character. This
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Also the mention of "young" by Don John further emphasises Claudio's youth. In short, he has been described by critics as "an adolescent with an adolescent's contradictory strong points and weak points" for instance, naivety, innocence, inconsiderateness, inexperience, over-reaction, egotism, uncertainty, impulsiveness, idealism and even more.

Claudio's impulsiveness and idealism comes to light immediately on his arrival on stage, his first words were "didst thou note the daughter of Signor Leonato?" This sentence shows us that he falls for Hero at first sight. Indeed, love at first sight is very idealistic and naïve view of falling in love as opposed to mature people who want to court and get to know each other better before they get married. Claudio then seeks Benedick's judgment on his idealistic view on Hero but then fails to see the value of Benedick's critical answers. He conveniently ignores Benedick's not-so-subtle warning about moving too fast into a relationship. This just goes to show that he was a some what ignorant. He also said in Act1 Scene1that he would "scarcely trust" himself to become Hero's husband, though he had "sworn the contrary, if Hero would be my wife". He is unsure of himself and his love for Hero, He is also seems the kind of boy who could swear his word and come back on it. As the play unfolds, Claudio declares his love for Hero to Benedick
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