The Character of Eleanor in The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson

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As I have mentioned earlier, Hill House has many angles in the home that are not normal, but rather they are a little off. Eleanor herself seems to be what one would consider a little off mentally. Both seem to have a somewhat normal exterior, but there remain many unknowns and unanswered questions on the inside. While they appear one way on the outside, there is a lot more occurring on the inside. The home has many supernatural events occurring and Eleanor has thoughts that vary from her actions. When Theodora tells Eleanor that she is sorry, Eleanor accepts the apology with a smile yet she is not really accepting of the apology and has another idea in mind. “I must say something, Eleanor told herself; I must show them that I am a good sport, after all; a good sport; let them think that I am ashamed of myself”(147). While everyone believes that Eleanor is okay and was merely frightened, she really seems to be playing mind games with the other guests of the house. During her time at Hill House, Eleanor hides her true feelings and mainly her fear behind the exterior that everything is ok and masks them with a smile. The secrecy between Eleanor and the home cause anxiety for both the readers as well as the other characters within the novel. Both harbor a multitude of secrets and feel a sense of security with…

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