The Character of Holden Caulfield in J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye

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He, especially, shows off his impolite attitude towards women he tries to interact with. To begin with, when Holden enters the Lavender Room at Ernie’s, he spots three women socializing and almost immediately, he makes rude remarks about them, as he says “the whole three of them were pretty ugly...”(69). After dancing with all of them, he insults “the two ugly ones” (73), Marty and Laverne by asking if they were sisters because they were both unattractive to each others’ eyes. Throughout this whole situation Holden could not even tell “which was the stupidest of the three of them” (73). Then, he tries to play with Marty’s feelings by telling her he saw Gary Cooper, a movie star, and eventually he “[breaks] her heart” (73), as she is disappointed Garry Cooper is not actually present. Holden continues show his ill-mannered behavior, on his date with his old friend Sally Hayes. When Sally denies Holden’s invitation to leave New York and “drive up to Massachusetts and Vermont” (132) and elope, Holden begins shout at her. In addition to yelling at her in public, he makes her cry by saying she was “a pain in the ass, if [she] wants to know the truth” (132). Unfortunately, his rudeness does not stop there. While, Sally was crying, Holden still finds the audacity to laugh because, in his mind, “the whole thing was sort of funny, in a way...”(134).…
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