Essay about The Character of Odysseus in Homer's Odyssey

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The Character of Odysseus in The Odyssey Homer's epic tale The Odyssey is a story of the triumphs and downfalls that are in store for one warrior's long pillage home. Odysseus, the hero from the Trojan wars, has led his people of Ithaca and other Achaean soldiers to victory and now wishes to return home to his wife and family of Ithaca. Through his twenty year journey Odysseus is often tested not only of his physical strength, but his wits as well. The many accomplishments he achieved earned him great status and recognition throughout ancient Greece. The mistakes he made caused the deaths of many men. Consequently, we as readers are able to see the many personas that Odysseus carries with him. Odysseus possesses…show more content…
With this loyalty Odysseus maintains the courage of a true leader through the perils of his journey. His name alone is given to him to show us, the readers right from the start of the book his will. Odysseus comes from the Greek meaning to be at odds with, very much like Odysseus is through his voyage. In the beginning we also hear about the scar that Odysseus bears, which was given to him to him at the young age of 12, when he was rammed in the process of killing a wild Bohr. This again showing us that even at an early age in his life it was not easy, and that he will endure wounds in his life. Odysseus is no god. He is man, and with that comes the mistakes and errors in all of us. In many situations Odysseus' mortal side is seen. An example of the power of Odysseus coinciding with his human flaws is his battle with Polyphemous the Cyclops (son of Poseidon). After escaping the lure of the lotus-eaters and their island, Odysseus and his men find themselves on another island, rich with food and shelter. After feasting, the men grab a large container of potent wine and go off exploring the new island. Later in their search they stumble across a large cave filled with food. Curious where the owner's whereabouts are the men encourage Odysseus to steal the food. Odysseus (showing his hospitable and genuine character) decides to instead wait for the
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