The Character of Scarlet in Gone With the Wind Essay

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The Character of Scarlet in Gone With the Wind "My Dear, I don't give a damn," (718) Rhett Butler says this infamous quote to Scarlet O'Hara at the end of Gone With the Wind (1934), when the woman has finally poured her soul to him. The novel Gone with the Wind (1934) by Margaret Mitchell is a classic about the hard times suffered during and after the Civil War. Scarlet lives in the Confederacy and everyone there is for fighting for his or her noble Cause. The young southern belle Scarlet O'Hara is forced to do things she never thought a girl of her class and nature would have to do. All throughout the novel, she is faced with serious problems. Scarlet plainly states, I'll not think of that today, I'll think of it tomorrow, for…show more content…
Here she starts a series of self-lies, which she always tells herself, for she could never face the truth about facts like these. By telling herself this, she is able to continue on thinking to herself that although he cannot show it, Ashley really loves her. He just cannot let it show because he almost has to marry Melanie. All throughout her life, Scarlet goes back to this idea, always doing things for Ashley, or at least, she tells herself they are for him. The reader sees all these little things as Scarlet doing acts of kindness towards others. Acts of kindness are not something the Scarlet at the beginning of the book would do, but now she works herself to the bone, to "make sure Ashley" has food, but really she is supporting his whole family, as well as her own. She begins to lose the selfish part of her attitude Scarlet herself marries Charlie Hamilton. He dies in the Civil war that was now raging. Everyone went to war to fight for "the Cause". Although everyone's idea of exactly what the Cause was differed, it's what everyone fought for. On her wedding day, she saw all the people from the top of the stairs at her home on the beloved plantation Tara, and full of fear she thought, " This can't be real, it's a nightmare, but I won't think of it all now, I'll think of it later" (90). Once again, she tells herself something to make her feel better but never solves the problem. She was terrified
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