The Characteristic Of Snowball By George Orwell

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Mst. Firoza Khatun Prof: John Remarek Language and Composition 10th Dec 2017 Characteristic of Snowball Animal Farm is an allegorical book which was written by George Orwell. In this book the author represents the important characters of the Russian Revolution. There are many characters in this book. A pig named Snowball is one of them who is based on Leon Trotsky. Leon Trotsky was an early leader in communism (ANIMAL FARM). He had control of the Soviet Union. He followed Karl Marx direction who was leader of communist party and also planner of Russian revolution. Trotsky leaded the “October Revolution,” to get freedom from Czar Nicholas II. On the other hand, Snowball is an early leader in Animalism. He played an important role in getting…show more content…
“War is war, the only good human being is a dead one” (28). These sentences point Snowball’s view that there is no need for sentimentally, everything is right in war. In this battle we saw Snowball’s ideal leadership and intelligence. As a result, he gets an award of ‘Animal Hero, First Class.’ (28). Similarly, Trotsky was the leader of “Red Army”. He won the Russian Civil War and became the second leader of the country. After the war, Snowball and Trotsky became an important leader to the society. Snowball is a good thinker about happiness of the animal's’ life. He wants to improve the all animals’ life. That`s why he follows seven commandments of old Major. His thought about importance of education of every animal was very helpful for them. He considered education is important for every animal. If every animal will be educating they will understand what are good for them and what are bad? As he is already literate at that time he tried educate all animal. As a result, all of animal on the farm was literate in some degree. He also thinks about freedom. When Mollie asked question to Snowball about making sugar then Snowball said, “We have no means of making sugar on this farm. Besides, you do not need sugar. You will have all the oats and hay you want” (10). According to these sentences it is clear that after getting freedom they would get everything what they want. It means there is no need for luxury life or unnecessities
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