The Characteristics And Differences Between Weather And Weather

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People often confuse between climate and weather- the two really are quite different. Weather describes the atmospheric condition over a short period of time that is from day to day or week to week. While climate describes average conditions over a long period of time. Step out and you experience many facets of weather. Air temperature and pressure, humidity, wind speed and direction, cloud type and cover and the amount and form of precipitation are all the characteristics of the momentary conditions we call weather.
The sun is ultimately responsible for the weather. The rays from sun are absorbed differently by land and water surfaces, equal amounts of solar radiation heat the ground more quickly than they do water. Differential warming in turn causes variations in the temperature and pressure of the overlying masses of air.
As the air mass warms, it rises higher and become lighter into the atmosphere. As the air mass
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These zones are generally found on the east shoreline of the mainlands and are frequently subject to sea tempests in the fall and in pre-fall. The south-eastern part of the United States and large areas of china are the best examples of this kind. Here winter seasons are mild to cool based on latitude. This is the suitable climate for raising crops especially rice.
8. Humid Continental
A great variety in precipitation and temperature characterize this climate and is usually found in Northern Hemisphere continent’s mid-latitude interiors. For example, Manitoba in Canada, Winnipeg are located deep in the North American continent which has a humid continental climate. Air masses are chilled by the Arctic ice and snow flow south over these areas and frequently collide with tropical air masses that are causing change in weather conditions. Usually these areas experience four seasons and the length of each season is determined by the latitude of the particular region.
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