The Characteristics Of A Critique As A Registered Nurse

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Professionalism in a workplace is determined when the criteria are met by the employer. One must demonstrate certain acquired characteristics within the field in order to be deemed credible as a Registered Nurse. The validity of this statement can only be proven when the understanding of the written material is accompanied through the practiced medical procedures used to complete the job. All the while, little emphasis is placed on the behavior of a Registered Nurse. Over many years, it has become epically evident that the manner in which a situation is handled can make or break how an individual is viewed from a patient’s perspective. With relevance to prior experience, I believe that a nurse must be caring, empathetic, responsible, and detail-oriented, which through demonstrative practice, I can with confidence, state that I’ve placed great emphasis on during my nursing career. From long term care to Sparrow Hospital I’ve experienced an array of emotions from: joy, pain, and disappointment from the many aspects and perspectives of my career. With this I rest assured that I have been sculpted and molded to be the pleasing nurse that is before you today. An efficient Nurse must be able to direct or supervise others as well as correctly assess patients' conditions and determine when consultation is required. For this reason, nurses themselves need to be emotional stabile to cope with human suffering and emergencies. It is also extremely important that we as nurses
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