The Characteristics Of A Learning Organization

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Organizations, with the highest success rate and are postured to succeed in a competitive environment, are learning organizations. Senge (2006) characterizes these learning organizations as creative cells that are constantly pursuing new methods and ideas, to create the results they envision. It reflects an environment that changes at both the organizational and the individual levels (Senge, 2006) .As a result of their combined efforts as a team, they are motivated and inspired. In particular, if an organization embraces the characteristics of a learning organization, they will experience expansive outcomes. Because of today’s increasingly competitive environment, the time spent enhancing teams, team learning, having a creative environment, personal mastery, systems thinking, all towards a shared vision. If an organization fails to implement these efforts, they will hinder growth. The personnel and administration section, within my military unit, is an area that requires the implementation of the characteristics of a learning organization. This section is responsible for processing the pay actions, the evaluations, promotion packets, and all other administrative actions for over 100 reserve and active duty soldiers, ranging over 30 differing military occupational specialties. During the normal work-week, it is…
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