The Characteristics Of Agile Methodology

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Agile Methodology

6.1. The Characteristics of Agile Methodology

Agile Methodology is a new software development process at the end of the 20th century, to large extent it’s adaptive meets the

complexity of modern business software instead of the traditional predictive process, demand variability, time-urgent features

[14]. An agile software development method is a lightweight development methodology, software development capabilities respond

to rapidly changing need [14]. Agile Methodology is characterized by iterative development, continuous code integration, and the

ability to handle changing business requirements [15]. Reference [19] further defines Agile Methodology as a group of software

development processes that are iterative,
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Agile Methodology Diagram 6.5. The Principle of Agile Methodology

1. Prioritizing customer satisfaction in early cycle and produce useful software continuously
2. Still can accept the changing of user requirement in development phases even though it too late.
3. Working software is delivered regularly (usually one a week)
4. A very close relationship between business people and developers and has always cooperated
5. The project constructed by individuals who are motivated and reliable
6. Using the method of face to face communication is the best (at the same location)
7. Working software is the principal measurement of progress work
8. Sustainable development is able to maintain a constant pace
9. Continuing to focus on the best design and technical brilliance
10. Preferring simplicity and is important for maximizing the amount of work not done
11. Self-organizing teams
12. Regular adaptation to a changing situation

6.6 The advantages of Agile Methodology

• The software quality sustainable because the software will be tested repeatedly before shown to the user until they

• More emphasis on the interaction between people rather than tools and processes.
• The implementation of the system becomes more
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