The Characteristics Of An Archetypal Hero In City Of Bones

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The shadow hunter that killed more demons than anyone his age group is named Jace Wayland born in Idris. His biological father took him and fled Idris giving him to another shadow hunter. He gets his last name from a man who he thinks is his father, but really wasn’t. Jace Wayland out of anger from Michael Wayland’s death goes after downworlders. Michael Wayland his father was murdered by downworlders. Jace is an archetypal hero for one main reason; protecting the ones who need it. Jace from the book City of Bones is a perfect example of an archetypal hero. An archetype means to follow a pattern of characteristics. This can be proven by the fact that he follows the 8 steps of the hero’s characteristics. He mostly follows the steps of mighty warrior, unusual birth circumstances, and his epic quest. A little information about Jace is he’s a shadowhunter who kills these demons that are called downworlders throughout the book. First Jace shows signs of an archetypal hero is the step mighty warrior. Starting off he’s a mighty warrior when he saves Simon Clary’s best friend. Vampires took Simon, and threatened to kill him. Jace protects Clary from a forsaken that attacks them at Clary’s apartment. At the end of chapter 19 a shadowhunter named Valentine takes Jace. Throughout chapter 23 it talks about the past with whom Jace’s real father is, and that is valentine. Towards the end of chapter 23 Jace realizes that Valentine is his biological father, but he wasn’t
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