The Characteristics Of Ancient Egypt As A Complex Civilization

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Ancient Egypt was a complex civilization. It followed most, if not all of the seven indicators of complex civilization.

The Ancient Egypt government was ruled by two people at the top of the social classes they were called the Pharaoh and the vizer. The Pharaoh ruled over everyone, but the vizier was the ruler of the government. The vizer was the chief overseer of the land, just like we have a Prime Minister. All of the other government officials reported to the vizier. A very famous vizer named Imhotep built the first pyramid he became a god soon after. The next rank of government there was were called nomarks. A nomarks job was to roll a small piece of land called a nome, a nome was like a state or a province. Some of the other government officials were called army commander, the chief treasurer, and the minister of public works, high priests, then the royal overseers (administrators) At the bottom of the social classes were the scribes, artisans, farmers, and laborers. All of these people had their own job and responsibility, but the Pharaoh had the final say in almost everything.

The people of Ancient Egypt developed their religion based on their belief in gods and goddesses and the powers that they had. The Ancient Egypt people had a deep belief in the supernatural, and that their lives were controlled by their deities. Ancient Egyptians believed that the world was flat and made of clay. They believed the land floated on a large sea of water, and that the Nile
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