The Characteristics Of Animals And Environments

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Rationale Standards SC.5.L15 asserts that Earth is a home to a great diversity of living things whose survival depends on the changes in the environment. However, individuals of the same kind usually differ in characteristics, and such differences give individuals an advantage to survive and reproduce in certain environments (CPALMS, 2015). Real Life Applications When observing the different characteristics of animals and environments, it is possible to determine the kind of environment that a particular animal is likely to survive better in. The knowledge about the characteristics of animals helps in classifying animals in different environments they seem to be best adapted to survive. It is also important how their individual…show more content…
The students need to place the animals in a zoo using the characteristics of animals to determine the kind habitat the animals are best adapted to. Keywords Animals, adaptations, measurement, meter, centimeter, summarize, nonfiction, summary Instructional component types Lesson plan, image/photograph, problem-solving task, data set, text resource Procedures: Learning Activities Lesson Plan Template: Model-Eliciting Activity (MEA) Instructional suggestions The formative assessment “Where Should I Live? (explained below)” will help in assessing the students knowledge of the subject matter and what they need to learn. If the students are not successful at explaining which characters help animals to adapt to certain environments, the formative assessments and websites provided will be used to review and teach these concepts. The teacher will show the students photos of some of the most unusual animals on earth found on these websites. • • (require sign up for a free account) • (require sign up for a free account) The teacher will then explain the thought that the planet these animals are coming from is similar to earth and that they may have developed adaptations that are quite an a different form the animals we are familiar with. As the students look at
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