The Characteristics Of Characters In Crash By Paul Haggis

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Unfortunately, people living in the contemporary progressive society still label others because of their color of skin, gender, social status, etc. The director of the movie “Crash” Paul Haggis aims to tell the audience that the divisions exist only in the human heads. Explaining his position, he empathizes that the pure love can ruin the stereotypes and prejudices allowing people understand each other better. The only example of moral virtues in the movie is a little girl, who wanted to sacrifice her life for the sake of her father. Believing in a magic power of an invisible bulletproof cloak, she became the miracle herself. Therefore, she should be considered as the character for which viewers should learn the most valuable lesson. The characters of the “Crash” interact with each other in different situations, where they reveal diametrically opposite qualities of their character. Reviewing the movie, the critics say: “in “Crash,” no character is too barricaded, too alienated, or too ghettoized” (Bradshaw). Indeed, it seems that there are no positive or negative characters in the movie. Their personal traits change depending on the circumstances; nobility and selflessness are substituted by cruelty and cynicism, and vice versa, integrity, and honesty are killed by fear and resentment. Paul Haggis conveys a significant message empathizing that defects and vices imposed by the life itself and social relations live in every person and lead to conflicts of interests. Society
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