The Characteristics Of Culture And Culture

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The Characteristics of Culture Although culture is a fundamental part of our identity as humans, not many of us know exactly what culture is. The characteristics of each culture differ from one to another, however there are certain aspects amongst all cultures which are common. Like most animals, we as humans develop a culture that will help us flourish as a species. This essay seeks to explain culture and certain characteristics which are common to all cultures, while also giving an example of ethnocentrism. Culture is an aspect of life that is composed of biological nature, beliefs, attitudes and short and long term consequences of behaviour among much more. All humans maintain culture in order to successfully deal with problems, and to not only survive on the planet but prosper. Culture is one of the few essential parts of our lives that is attained socially, rather than being a biological component of our identity. Although every individual has their own sense of culture, no two cultures are exactly identical, with that being said, an individual’s culture is manufactured by their society, all of whom share a common culture. Due to the fact that every society has its own form of culture that is specifically adapted in order to aid them in their survival within their own environment, culture can vary greatly depending on geographical location. In addition, subgroups in society can have a slightly different culture, which is referred to as a subculture. As mentioned
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