The Characteristics Of Effective Instruction

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The characteristics of effective instruction are an important component for teaching. There are five components to the characteristics of effective instruction which are student-centered, teaching for understanding, assessment for learning, teaching for learner differences, rigor and relevance. These characteristics all promote a positive, social, and interactive learning environment. Having a student- centered classroom means students are involved in their own learning. A classroom that is student-centered is a classroom in which the students are actively contributed to what they are learning and what the teacher is teaching. In order to create a student centered classroom there must be a safe learning environment in which students feel safe to express themselves with the help of positive reinforcement as well as students knowing it is okay to make mistakes A classroom in which is centered on cooperative learning. Students might be working in groups and discussing information over what they are learning. While they are in groups the students are participating and as well as motivated to show what they know. While being in groups the students are interacting and being social while at the same time demonstrating their knowledge. Student-centered classrooms have students engaged in discussions. In order to teach for understanding it is important to know the meaning of understanding. Understanding is a broad term that can be describe in a plethora of ways because it
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