The Characteristics Of Gothic Fiction In Bram Stoker's Dracula

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A Gothic novel is one which incorporates all the modes of literature such as horror, the setting, suspense, superstition, atmosphere, horror etc. In the story Dracula the author shows these traits in various sections of the story that makes it a lot more interesting and it is one of the main characteristics beside the various other features that makes this story great. Dracula is a story by Mr. Bram Stoker during the Victorian era where Count Dracula is the antagonist and Van Helsing with the help of other people such as Jonathan Harker, Mina with several others play the protagonist trying to put an end to the Count and the miserable sufferings he has given to his victims. Surely there are many other novels such as Frankenstein, The Vampyre etc., but Dracula is one of the prime examples of a Gothic novel that has a lot of different attributes that make the story distinct from the others. Bram Stoker in his phenomenal book Dracula encompasses the different Gothic traits, how they make the story extremely intriguing and engaging and have a significant effect on the story. Horror is one of the characteristics of Gothic story and it has been depicted in an outstanding way in the story. Moreover, many people find horror as a compelling factor that made them read the story, horror has been shown in the story by Count Dracula, the ruthless and evil monster. Count Dracula is the antagonist in the story is on the path of destruction, infecting people in his way and increasing his
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