The Characteristics Of Humans Are Not Solely Based On Their Genetic Makeup

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Who We Are The characteristics of humans are not solely based on their genetic makeup. Environmental factors of people’s lives play a large factor on their persona; in fact, environmental factors, such as communities and living conditions, could have more of an impact on humans’ personality rather than their genes. In Berreby’s “It Takes a Tribe”, he claims that humans subconsciously join groups to fulfill their sense of belonging (9). On the contrary, in Greenbie’s “Home Space: Fences and Neighbors”, he notes how humans need their own individual space to regulate social interactions with others and their own privacy (248). Although both Berreby and Greenbie advance on different paths when exploring the psychological aspects of relationships among humans, both writers indicate that human nature serves as a drive for people to fulfill their social desires during the journey of finding one’s individuality. The most important factors that contribute to one’s character are the choices he or she makes and the environment that the person lives in. Even though humans do not have the ability to fully choose their environmental surroundings, they are greatly influenced by them. Berreby claims that college students are aware that they could have ended up at other universities; however, students still culturally assimilate to their college’s traditions and maintain their loyalty throughout their lifetime, allowing their college to become a part of their identity (8-10). Being loyal to
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