The Characteristics Of Jazz And Blues Langston Hughes 's ' The Weary Blues '

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The Characteristics of Jazz and Blues in Langston Hughes’s The Weary Blues
While I was reading Langston Hughes’s poems, I have noticed his outstanding accomplishment in his blending creation of Negro musical characteristics and poetry. And The Weary Blues is his peaked piece of a combination of both jazz and blues. The poem reflected American African’s living situation during the Harlem Renaissance, it sufficiently revealed the cultural charm of Negros and Hughes’s fully affirms of his national dignity.
In my paper, I will analyze the methods and techniques Hughes used to highlight the musical elements in this poem. Jazz and blues are both styles of music which were discovered by Negros. They are important to Hughes and his culture, and according to the sad and painful tunes in jazz and blues, Hughes wanted us to listen and understand his culture from this poem. The Weary Blues has a rather oral character style; the fundamental key is very slow and sentimental, but the poem is full of musicality, and makes readers felt if they are staying on the scene. I felt not only the special pleasing quality of Negro’s ballad, but also felt depressed from Negro’s circumstances during that time. So I have decided to focus on the analysis of the structural, style of language, along with the jazzy and blues’ characteristics in the image of theme. And apparently, I will use structuralism and a touch on linguistics as my criticisms to argue my statement. In the external form structure of
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