The Characteristics Of John Smith : Bartolome De Las Casas

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Abusing. Slave owner. Boastful. All traits that the infamous John Smith possessed that degraded him as a great adventurer. In 1624, John Smith wrote an autobiography about his encounters with the native indians in the new world (The Americas) under the name General History. Meanwhile, Bartolome de las Casas wrote an autobiography about his adventures in 1515 called Relations that talks about the mistreatment of the native indians that he observed in the new world. WIth these two writings there is proof that John Smith exhibits poor traits throughout his writings such as degrading Indians, boasting about himself and lusting for fame establishing that he is a worse person compared to de las Casas, the previous explorer of the Americas. John Smith was a terrible person compared to de las Casas and proves so in his work showing off his poor characteristics and personalities. For example, when John Smith first encounters the native indians he ends up using one as a human shield when being attacked by other indians. This act of degradation against the natives is absolutely barbaric as the indian still breathes for his own life. This man was forcibly manipulated to receive fatal blows from his own kind from a man who is willing to waste lives in safety for his own. In addition, when Smith recalls the events that had taken place with the natives he talks of the “Six or seven weeks those barbarians kept him prisoner” (105). This event of name calling found throughout his work is

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