The Characteristics Of Ludwig Van Beethoven

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[Title]: How would the history of music have progressed if Beethoven had never lived to become the most influential composer of his time? Some scholars argue the brilliant composer introduced the idea of Romanticism while others say his music reflects the classical era more. He brought to light an innovative approach to what could be accomplished with music. His mentality was unlike that of any composer who came before and during his time. Ludwig Van Beethoven would change the course of history with the originality and intense quality of his music as well as inspire a new age of composers after him. Beethoven’s life has been categorized into three periods. An early, middle, and late period. The music of his early and middle periods are when Beethoven finds his own musical style. His string quartets were thought of at times as too complicated for the public to comprehend. People were used to the conventional structure of earlier classical music, such as the work of Haydn. Beethoven’s personality is shown through the abrupt dynamics and unpredictability of his music. One such work that celebrates these characteristics is his piano sonata No. 23 “Appassionata,” Op. 57. This piece begins very quietly and seemingly calm however, Beethoven disrupts this quality by abruptly playing fortissimo. He then drops back down to piano. These surprising fluctuations in dynamics confused many listeners who expected the classical tradition of predictability, which gave the audience a sense of where the music was heading. Beethoven made it difficult for his listeners to predict his music. It is, therefore, quite evident that he was deliberate in what he put forth in his music and was unconcerned about the public’s opinion on his music because he believed that every musician must eventually follow their own musical intuition. Classical music was composed for entertainment and was made accessible to amateurs who wanted to play music at home for friends and family. Composers focused on the melody’s beautiful sound and simplicity and to evoke different emotions throughout a piece. The classical traditions such as the predictability, order and stately manner did not interest Beethoven. He did not want to conform to the formulaic
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