The Characteristics Of Morality In Shakespeare's Hamlet

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“He that can have patience can have what he will.” (Franklin). Patience is a skill revolved around accepting or tolerating delay. The play, Hamlet, written from the late 1500s to the early 1600s, is one of the most famous works of William Shakespeare. In the play, the protagonist, Prince Hamlet of Denmark, has mastered such skill. There are several theories about why Prince Hamlet delayed killing his uncle. First of all, Hamlet does not want to send Claudius to heaven by killing him at prayer. Additionally, Hamlet feels the need to publicize what happened and consequently waits to murder Claudius until the truth is revealed. Lastly, Hamlet suffered from an Oedipal Complex and displayed various characteristics of the Oedipus Complex. This term describes a child's feelings of affection for their opposite-sex parent. These points illustrate that Hamlet was self-composed enough to wait to end the life of King Claudius for many different reasons.
In the world, there are many people who have incredible tolerance. Hamlet is an example of one of these people. Hamlet was probably the most forebearent person in all of Denmark. He was able to wait for an idealistic moment to end the life of Claudius while having obstacles in his way. Hamlet even pretended to be insane, which causes his mother to think that her son was incurable, just so his plan would not fail. The first time Hamlet comes across a moment to kill his uncle was when he sees him allegedly asking God to forgive his sins.
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