The Characteristics Of Nurses In The Media

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In the media, nurses are portrayed as if they are self-centered, uncaring, unprofessional, and unintelligent. All of these characteristics are against the CNO standards. CNO standards indicates that nurses should not act how the media has portrayed. They are expected to act and treat their patients with respect and care. It is very hard to find a place where the media portrays nurses are hard-working people who demonstrate clinical skill, compassion and diligence. The setting of where nurses work is very often limited. Many shows and movies place nurses usually into hospital settings and disregard places like long-term care and home care. The CNO standard for professionalism that would best relate to confidentiality, leadership and use of social media would be privacy & confidentiality.

Each nurse is required to follow the CNO’s Ethics Practice Standard. Values that are included are client well-being, client choice, respect for life, privacy & confidentiality, maintaining commitments, truthfulness, and fairness. The media portrays nurses as if they do not respect their clients, they are rowdy outside of their workplace, and share information everywhere. That is opposite of what nurses are really. Every nurse tries their hardest in order to change how the media has presented them. They do not share client information to anyone, anywhere. If they did share, they are automatically breaking the privacy & confidentiality value of the CNO Ethics Practice Standard. If every nurse followed the CNO standards precisely and the media acknowledged that then we would be viewed differently. The society forms its opinions based on its own observations. The behavior of some nurses can easily trigger a stereotype for all nurses. The society hears and sees things and that shows them how to think about what they saw and heard. Shows like “Scrubbing In” would’ve never been created if there had been no hints that some nurses behave like heart breakers, attention seekers and fun seekers. Traditionally, nurses were as angelic, helpers to physicians yet low-skilled. The media portraying nurses negatively could produce doubt in a patient about whether their information will be confidential or accidentally announced somewhere. Other
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