The Characteristics Of Organizational Culture And Behavior

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Organizational culture and behavior are two separate yet wholly related concepts. The type of established and shared values that shape the activities of an organization is known as the organizational culture where as the way the human elements in the organization behave as a consequence of the culture adopted in the organization is referred to as organizational behavior. One of the effects of organizational culture and behavior can be seen in the way the leadership of an organization relates with its employees. Another effect of organizational culture and behavior is in the area of operational practice. If the operational practice in an organization encourages everyone to be a team player, the behavior of those employees will be different from…show more content…
Emphasis on People (Fairness Orientation) - Companies that place a high value on this characteristic of organizational culture place a great deal of importance on how their decisions will affect the people in their organizations. For these companies, it is important to treat their employees with respect and dignity.

5. Teamwork (Collaboration Orientation) - Companies that organize work activities around teams instead of individuals place a high value on this characteristic of organizational culture. People who work for these types of companies tend to have a positive relationship with their co-workers and managers.

6. Aggressiveness (Competitive Orientation) - This characteristic of organizational culture dictates whether group members are expected to be assertive or easy going when dealing with companies they compete with in the marketplace. Companies with an aggressive culture place a high value on competitiveness and outperforming the competition at all costs.

7. Stability (Rule Orientation) - A company whose culture places a high value on stability are rule-oriented, predictable, and bureaucratic in nature. These types of companies typically provide consistent and predictable levels of output and operate best in non-changing market
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