The Characteristics Of President Franklin Roosevelt An Effective Leader

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One of the vital attributes to being a successful leader is effectiveness in communication. While America was being faced with one of its most challenging periods in history, the Great Depression, 32nd US president Franklin Roosevelt garnered great public popularity through open communication. President Roosevelt used his famous “fireside chats” to reassure the public during the difficult times of the recession (Corbett et al, 765). I think his radio addresses to the American public were a genius idea that put confidence back into the citizens struggling with a failed economy. Roosevelt would explain what was happening and why as well as what was being done to remedy the situation. Generally for most people in troubling or stressful times it is always calming to have more in depth information rather that the “fear of the unknown”. Effective communication is just one of the many great attributes that make Franklin Roosevelt an effective leader. Another important trait to being an effective leader is the ability to make sound decisions for complicated problems. On one hand the cost in lives of your own countries military servicemen, those lost and those that will be, and on the other hand knowing that your decision will be directly responsible for the death of tens of thousands of people. That is the decisions that President Truman was faced with when it came to authorizing the release of the atomic bombs on Japanese cities to end World War II. The use of the atomic bombs
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