The Characteristics Of Radio Frequency Identification And Its Types

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Radio Frequency Identification
Tracking mobile assets has always been a challenge for all businesses. Radio Frequency Identification, also known as RFID, is an increasingly popular data storage technology used to identify and track any mobile object (Bethel, 2017). An RFID system consists of an RFID tag that is placed on the mobile object, a reader to retrieve information from the tag, local software, and finally the networked central computer system. This system is quickly taking the place of the standard bar code or even QR code as the preferred method of tracking anything that moves, because of its ability to be scanned from a further distance as well as its capability of storing more information.
The part of the system that every
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The handheld scanner is less than half the price of a fixed unit and more effective for retail applications. It is also very effective at searching for items such as files or animals.
The backend of the system requires software and hardware to manipulate the data once it collected. While there are many software applications on the market, unless you are part of a company’s Information Systems team, you will not come into contact with this part of the system. Furthermore, there are too many options to cover in this presentation.
I can see these RFID systems being used more and more as technology advances. The last two dogs I owned have been microchipped and it made it possible to find one of them that got lost. I love this use of RFID tagging. Also, tagging cattle and files in order to pick out a specific one out of a herd or cabinet is also a great use of RFID. However, as with any new technology, if there is a dollar to be made with it, man will stretch the limits of ethics, and apply the technology in overreaching ways; RFID systems is no different. As technology improves and these RFID microchips are being manufactured smaller and smaller, there is a massive privacy concern with the use of them (Bethel, 2017). Manufacturers are installing RFID tags to track their products, not only in the warehouse but after the

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