The Characteristics Of Survival In Night By Elie Wiesel

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In Night, the point Elie Wiesel is making about survival is disheartening, giving examples of what people will do to survive and their every man for themselves mindset. While fighting to survive, numerous animalistic instincts control every aspect of how a person thinks. Moreover, these instincts make you think you must do whatever you can to survive, regardless of who you are harming in the process. Night gives an excellent example of the concept that family and friends do not matter when it comes to life or death, people with this mindset will do nearly anything to live another day. Nevertheless, there are many instances when the survival mindset is strictly internal, pushing them further than they thought they were capable of. Survival is shown in many situations throughout the novel, one of the most prominent being the selection process. During the selection, officers watched all of the prisoners working. Officers would then choose strongest and fastest to survive while those who were weak would be killed. “Don’t walk slowly, run! Run as if you had the devil at your heels! Don’t look at the SS. Run, straight in front of you,”(Elie Wiesel 41). I compared this example from Night with a recent news story, “Taliban militants gravely wounded the 15-year-old with a bullet to the head for being vocal about that belief,”(Ashley Fantz, “Teen shot for her advocacy is 'the daughter of the whole world,' dad says”). This article shows that the girl who had been shot for her beliefs
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