The Characteristics Of The Latino Identity

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The Latino identity is a socially constructed way to group people who belong to separate national-origin groups into one vast broad category which on the one hand, unifies them and allows for mobilization but also undermines the unique characteristics of each nation. There is also the question on race and whether Latinos make up a separate race or if Latinos could fit into a predetermined category such as being white or black. These are issues that do not necessarily have an agreed upon answer as many Latinos have various viewpoints on the subjects and how they classify themselves. Some feel closer to the label of Latino while others feel closer to their national identity. There are 22 separate nations that compose the Latino pan ethnicity, each with a different background that directly influences their political concerns coupled with the additional concerns that are associated with a unique dual identity of being Latino and American simultaneously. In the text, Latino Politics in America: Community, Culture, and Interests, John A. Garcia breaks down the main Latino subgroups in the United states which includes Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Central Americans, and South Americans. These groups are of Spanish origin and have similar cultures, attitudes, and beliefs that make it easier to categorize them into this Latino pan ethnicity. The Spanish language, for instance, is one of the most unifying characteristics for the Latino community as “nearly 79.4 percent of Latinos
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