The Characteristics Of The Native Americans

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Introduction Humans in nature are curious and this leads into finding or creating extraordinary things that may one day be value or question by many. As early civilizations emerge, the beginning of many wonders were developed and with great accuracy. Although there was a lack of technology, as we have today, one wonders how some items may have been developed. The Native Americans are just one particular example to analyze. Despite the lack of the tools we have today, their artwork is impeccable and with great accuracy. Their art work and constructions leave one to ponder on how those items were developed. Furthermore, one can also wonder on how records were kept. The number system that we have today was not available to them. Yet, they were able to have some sense of counting. In addition, Native Americans placed importance on specific numbers and this can be seen in both art and their activities. Patterns and Shapes The need to create and construct goes far beyond what one can imagine. It is in human nature to be curious and to develop or create based on the observations of the world around us. In fact, shapes and patterns emerge in nature organically (Rudman 2007). Native Americans development of geometric shapes is still a mystery to many. Yet, by analyzing the world around us and trying to create based on observations and creativity leads into our desire to mimic nature itself. Designs and patterns on everyday life items were utilized by Native
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