The Characteristics Of Two Trees Species

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Review of the characteristics of two tree species

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HORT90043 Tree Identification and Selection

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These two beautiful tree species are both tall street and park trees found in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. One is a very commonly planted native tree which seems to have fallen out of favour with local Councils in this area (see Appendix A) and the other is a distinctive yet rarely planted exotic that seems to have done well but is only planted sporadically as an ornamental shade tree. Why? What conditions and attitudes have changed from when these originally planted? What characteristics and potentials do they have that makes them suited to planting here and in the future? What downsides do these trees have?

Botanic Nomenclature*

* As per “Melbourne Code” (International Botanical Congress 2011)
TREE ONE Genus / specific epithet
Corymbia citriodora Common Name Lemon-scented Gum Family Name Myrtaceae Described by Hook. in T.L.Mitchell, J. Exped. Tropical Australia 235 (1848) and later K.D.Hill & L.A.S.Johnson (1995)

TREE TWO Genus / specific epithet
Quercus suber Common Name Cork Oak Family Name Fagaceae Described by Carl Linnaeus 1857

Key identification tools in the field
Corymbia citriodora Bark: Attractive grey to pale grey / pink (rarely white in Victoria), persistently smooth – although it sheds in plates and short
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